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PREDICT, which stands for ‘Promoting Realistic Engaging Discussions in Curriculum Teams) is a JISC funded project within the Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design Programme. The project focus is to develop a new curriculum design process that is efficient, flexible, focuses on enhancing educational development and the student experience and, is supported with responsive technology to accommodate our curriculum models. It is essential that the design process takes account of our diverse stakeholders – whether learners, staff or employers.

The Project has been running for three years and we have provided information in a range of ways but would like to use our Blog which has a link to this one. Main sources of information for the PREDICT project are:

PREDICT aims to develop a new curriculum design process that is efficient and flexible and utilizes responsive technology to accommodate our curriculum models and enhance learning opportunities.

The main objectives of the project are to:
  •   Engage all stakeholders in the process
  •   Develop a curriculum design process drawing upon stakeholder experiences
  •   Use technology to support the curriculum design process
  •   Develop values and principles for curriculum design around educational  development and the student experience
  •  Complete the project with an evaluative and critical approach

We are really interested in case studies of curriculum design and review activity so please do visit our blog this year which will develop with information being added and hopefully will become a place for you to share your practice

Project Manager

Dr Pam Parker

Moodle Training for 500 Academics

Janina Dewitz, Barking and Dagenham College @Moodlemoot 2011

by ULCC Events @ Moodlemoot 2011

by ULCC Events @ Moodlemoot 2011

Initially providing;

  • 1 size fits all training
  • Demand driven group training
  • Ad hoc 121
Negative impact;
  • constant cycle of retraining.
  • doing work for the lecturer

So…they redesigned their training scheme


  • Screencasts, help sheets, FAQs
  • Sent staff video tutorials instead of showing them

Essentials for teachers and admin – BADC Module Essentials Lite

  • Moodle based course short course, 3 x 90mins of independent study
  • Suitable as distance course
  • Support forum, chat room – building up the staff to mentor others (Moodle champions)
  • Layouts, themes, navigation
  • Creative commons, copyright
  • Play area for practice
  • Posted links, videos in forums to get people in discussions.
  • Demoed the value of the tools.
  • Insisted on no questions outside of session. Put them in the forum, those who have already access given 24 hrs to answer question before they answer.


  • Attendees pick one aspect they have enjoyed and book on 1hr, 1 task, high impact training session to build confidence

At BADC every course must contain these some means of communication, variety of module materials, means of assessment.

Southampton have created a medal block with means staff can earn medals depending on how they have executed the criteria. This created competition and motivated and engaged staff and led to more interaction with students.

Suggestions from the audience;

For creating guidance notes;

Screensteps –  Screen capture software – Can export to PDF and blog and can get people to comment costs £20


Problem steps –  its free and you can put in diff formats for reporting problems to techies but also does screen casts.

Contact Janina Dewitz – @elearningtechie

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