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CitySpace Obituary: Dilip Parmar

Dilip Parmer is Learning Support Officer at Cass Business School

They say you never forget your first love and I shall never forget my first e-learning ‘experience’ which happened to be Cityspace. Like a fumbling teenager, I unclipped the gradebook and uncovered a whole new world of weighted gradings and datatypes. I was in heaven. We didn’t want to rush things but Cityspace was amenable. Quizzes were a joy to create and Assignments were no big hassle. My first e-learning love and the experiences I had with it has stood me well in dealing with the new fangled offerings I have come across since. My new squeeze Moodle is appreciative of all that I learnt and experienced with Cityspace my first love. There are some things Cityspace can do that Moodle my current squeeze cannot. In moments of passion, my first love Cityspace would send me a pop-up announcement entirely unannounced but very welcome in that moment; Moodle is content with blocks…the romance has gone. With a tear to my eye, I remember my first love fondly…

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