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CitySpace Obituary: Julie Attenborough

Julie Attenborough, Head of the Educational Development Unit, School of Community and Health Sciences

Though much maligned over the years I retain a strange fondness for CitySpace. A bit like a first encounter (clunky, unsatisfying)it gave us a taste of what might be possible if only…. The slowness of the system in the University’s far flung outposts, the wrath and frustration of students and colleagues and the number of clicks of the mouse necessary to do the simplest task enabled us to really think about what we were doing in a virtual world where ‘hide’ meant ‘show’ and vice versa. Prohibition of the use of the back and forward buttons is so ingrained that some of us have needed encouragement to embrace them again. In the words of our School’s Learning Consultant from LDC; “you’re never more than 15 clicks away with CitySpace”. Farewell and thanks for all the clicks….

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