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CitySpace Obituary

On 1st September 2011, CitySpace will be switched off after 8 years of service to the university. The E-Learning Unit (ELU) was established with five staff members in 2003 to support the implementation of this VLE. WebCT Vista had a stint under the title City Online Learning before becoming CitySpace.   To celebrate this occasion, the LDC are collecting memories from staff and students, current and past, to create a CitySpace obituary.  Share your memories at:  https://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/city/cityspaceobit/

Here are some of the first memories:

Student from School of Informatics:

First tool that I used when I started my MSc in 2009, and fairly intuitive to use, but rather clunky. Did find useful as I had not used anything similar to this since I graduated in 1991! Enjoyed the on line messaging especially when studying late.

Dr William Lyons, staff member from School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:

As I say farewell to an old friend who provided equal measure of convience and fustration *wipes a tear from ones eye*, I find myself updating my lecture material!!!

Staff member from School of Arts:

cityspace – the betamax of VLEs

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